7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bus Graphics Company

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Jay Lieske

It takes about six impressions before someone remembers your brand. Meanwhile, it only takes 10 seconds for someone to form an opinion of your business. You need to make every second count!

With wow-worthy graphics, you can draw heads and build brand awareness. It's important to choose an experienced bus graphics company first. Their experience and expertise will ensure the best graphics for your vehicles!

Not sure who to hire? Here are seven qualities to look for in a talented bus graphics team. Then, you can find the right experts for your next project.

Start your search with these easy tips today.

1. Experience and Expertise

As you review your options for graphics companies, look for someone with the right experience you need.

Choose a business that's operated for years. They've likely worked out the kinks in their operations within that time. Long-standing businesses usually have stronger reputations, too.

It's likely they've earned the respect of businesses like yours.

Ask about the team's experience and expertise. Have they helped a business within your industry before? Have they worked on a vehicle that's similar to yours?

Choose a design company with a lot of experience working on bus graphics, too.

You'll have peace of mind knowing they have the knowledge and hands-on experience you need.

2. Design Abilities

Before choosing a design team, make sure they have the design capabilities you need.

Talk to them about the bus graphics ideas you have in mind. Ask if they have any suggestions, too. How will they help your graphics stand out?

It's important to create a design that stands out. Otherwise, the vehicle wrap might not accomplish your marketing goals.

There are essential elements you'll need to include, such as your:

  • Logo
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Call-to-action

Otherwise, your vehicle wrap might not benefit your business.

Ask the design team about their design skills. If they can't answer your questions, keep looking.

The design company should take the time to learn about your brand. That includes your target audience, industry, and competitors. They'll need to take any trends that are impacting your industry into account, too.

It's important to make sure the company maintains your brand guidelines. Consistent branding can boost revenue by up to 23%. Keeping your brand consistent across all marketing channels can help you build brand awareness and recognition, too.

Every design project is a little different. The bus graphics company should consider the right application for your brand.

With their help, you can ensure your bus graphics start turning heads.

3. Production Process

Take the time to learn more about the company's production process as well.

A company that cares about offering the best services will take the time to research your business. Otherwise, they'll fail to help you accomplish your goals.

First, consider the materials they use.

Will the graphics withstand sun damage and weather over the years? Do they use eco-solvent printers? Ask if they use vinyl or laminate as well.

The materials they use can avoid cracking and peeling.

How do they ensure the print assets achieve the highest quality standards? Choose a company that takes care during every step of the process. Otherwise, they might make costly mistakes when producing your graphics.

4. Installation Process

It's not enough to choose a company that can design and produce the graphics you need. Make sure to learn more about the company's installation and delivery process, too.

Who will arrive to add the graphics to your bus? Ask how much experience they have. For example, you can ask how many other buses they've worked on in the past.

Consider asking whether or not they've worked on your make and model, too. They might experience specific issues when installing the graphics on your vehicle.

Ask if the company tracks their progress, too.

Project tracking will ensure every detail is logged and accounted for. If there's an issue, the company should handle it.

Consider asking the company if they have a guarantee as well. What if you're not satisfied with the finished project? Ask what they intend to do to make it right.

If the company doesn't have a guarantee, consider looking elsewhere.

Businesses that offer customer satisfaction guarantees care about their customers.

5. A Strong Brand Reputation

A bus graphics company with a strong professional reputation will want to maintain that reputation. They won't make costly mistakes while working on your project.

You can determine each company's reputation by heading online. Look for reviews on their Better Business Bureau and Google My Business listings.

It's normal to find one or two negative reviews. If the bad reviews outweigh the good, however, you might want to look elsewhere.

Ask the company if they can provide references, too. Try to speak with at least three of their recent clients. Then, ask the clients:

  • If they were satisfied with the finished product they received
  • If they experienced any issues while working with the company
  • Whether or not they would recommend you hire someone else

Finding a company with a strong professional reputation will give you peace of mind.

6. An Impressive Portfolio

It's not enough to find a company with years of graphic design experience. Look for proof. Ask to see their portfolio.

As you review their portfolio, consider the quality of their work. Does the company meet your expectations? If not, keep looking.

7. Costs

As you review your options for graphics companies, don't forget to ask about the price. Get quotes from at least three businesses. Then, compare the cost with the quality of their work.

If the company doesn't suit your needs and budget, scratch them off your list.

From there, trust your gut!

Boost Your Brand: 7 Qualities to Look for in a Bus Graphics Company

You don't have to hire the first bus graphics company you find online. Instead, use these tips to vet your options. With these tips, you can find professionals with the graphic design experience you need.

They'll ensure your bus is eye-catching and ready to turn heads!

Want to discuss your bus graphic design needs with professionals you can trust? We're here to help.

Contact us today to get started on your next project!

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